New Releases - 22nd

This week’s new CD releases: De La Soul and more!

There’s a bumper crop of new albums hitting the musicMagpie Store this Friday, so let’s get straight to it! And the Anonymous Nobody… – De La Soul Bona-fide hip hop legends De La Soul funded their 9th album on Kickstar, raising over $110,000 in just under 10 hours. Early singles …

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Friday Five: Are you David Brent?

Everyone’s favourite terrible boss and master of cringe David Brent is back, this time on the big screen in Life on The Road. After leaving Slough’s premier paper merchants Wernham Hogg, Brent decides to pursue his dream of becoming a music megastar (whilst working as a cleaning products sales rep …

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What are Britain’s biggest literary guilty pleasures?

Britain has given the world some brilliant authors over the ages: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Neil Gaiman, Zadie Smith. We could go on. So surely Britain’s taste in books reflects our rich literary heritage? Erm… not quite. A quick glance through the best sellers list shows that Brits, while enjoying …

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Is Suburra one of the best crime thrillers ever?

Crime pays – in the movies at least. Filmgoers have long been obsessed with the lives and crimes of career criminals, from honourable family man Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather to the coke-fueled paranoia of wise guy Henry Hill in Goodfellas, and what drives them to commit their evil …

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Fight Club film vs book

Movies better than their books

Once a book makes the transition from page to screen, you know lots of people are going to claim that the book was better than the film. But sometimes, just sometimes, the movie adaptation actually surpasses the book. From the casting choices, plot changes, additional or stripped back dialogue, there …

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Lazer Team

5 reasons you should watch Lazer Team as soon as possible

Lazer Team, released by Manga Entertainment, hits the musicMagpie Store on the 15th August 2016. Here are five reasons to check it out! The plot is amazing Lazer Team is a comedic take on sci-fi and superhero movies, posing the question: what would happen if 4 idiots got their hands …

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