Are older video games really better than new video games?

Strike up a conversation about gaming and there’s a 90% chance someone will eventually pine for the good old days, when games were hard and multiplayer meant crowding around a 14” TV in your bedroom. Video games, they’ll say, were better back then. But were they really? To find out, …

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Nokia 8110

The best of MWC 2018

The world’s phone manufacturers (apart from one notable exception) are currently gathered in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, an annual tradeshow where Samsung, Sony, et al show off their latest devices. This year’s MWC has been a slightly understated affair, with many of the big names – most notably LG …

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How many films does it take to win an Oscar?

With the Oscars just around the corner, all eyes are on this year’s nominees. Who will take home one of those coveted trophies, and who will be leaving empty handed? We all have our own favourite (and not so favourite) actors and actresses, and our own thoughts on who does …

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How to transfer your data to a new phone

The biggest problem people have after buying a new phone is transferring their precious data. How do you get all of those priceless pictures and contacts from one phone to another? The good news is phone manufacturers have made it much easier over the past few years. However, it’s still …

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Fleetwood Mac

The 10 greatest rock albums of the 1970s

Rock music made in the 1970s deserves the recognition of being classic. Whilst we’d rather ignore the fact that some of these immense albums are more than 40 years old, they should be celebrated and played at full volume all these years on! If you like your rock music, you …

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What is the most expensive movie ever made?

It’s no secret that movies cost a lot of money to make, although most are kept to strict budgets based on projected revenue and box office figures. Sometimes, though, a studio goes all out and throws as much money as humanly possible at a production. Here are the ten most …

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