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Home Alone: Where are they now?

Classic Christmas movies are filling our screens at the moment, and they don’t get much better than ‘Home Alone’. With 27 years having passed since the original film’s release, and 25 since we last caught up with the McCallisters (and we’re not counting the franchise’s third and fourth outings, for …

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What is the best Christmas movie?

What is the best Christmas movie of all time? It’s a question that has taxed generations but now, thanks to the power of the internet, we may finally have the answer. We took 28 of the most popular Christmas films and used their scores on Rotten Tomatoes (both critics and …

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6 top Christmas decluttering tips

Christmas is coming, which means you’re no doubt stressing about presents, food and visiting relatives. You may also be stressing about getting your house ready in time for the big day. Even if you’re not having visitors over the festive period, getting your house in order is an important part …

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8 essential sci-fi books to read

Science fiction is one of literature’s richest genres, using space, alien life and technology to comment on the world, society and the human condition. It’s also a vast genre, with hundreds of novels released every year. Here are 8 essential sci-fi books to help you get to grips with this …

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10 of the best video games based on movies

Once upon a time, the vast majority games based on movies were shoddy rushjobs that rarely captured the magic of their source material. There were exceptions, but the words ‘movie tie-in’ rarely signified quality. Times have changed, however. The past few years have seen a marked increase in the quality …

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After the iPhone X: what will Apple do next?

The iPhone X, Apple’s most exciting product in years, is finally out in the wild. The world of technology moves fast, though, and our thoughts are already turning to what Tim Cook and co will do next. With the help of the always-churning rumour mill and a teeny tiny bit …

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