The best albums of 2017

2017 has been a huge year for music. We’ve had comebacks that were bigger than before, debuts that broke the mold, and artists taking massive strides in a new direction. At musicMagpie, we’ve put together some of the shiniest musical gems of the last 12 months! Harry Styles – Harry …

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musicMagpie Store gift-giving guide

It’s that time of year. Christmas is approaching – the decorations are up and the stores are packed to the rafters with seasonal shoppers. Rather than spending hours in and out of shops, trying to find gifts for your loved ones, why not do it all online? Better yet, all …

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What is the best-selling Christmas song?

Christmas means a few things – feasting, family and fighting for the top spot in the UK singles chart. The Official Top 20 have pulled together the numbers to show which Christmas single is more popular than the other, but the list isn’t necessarily full of what you would consider …

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Books HD

5 inspirational female literary characters

Finding a female that we can aspire to be like in the pages of a novel can be quite tricky. Women aren’t always portrayed in a positive light, but we’ve compiled a list of some ladies that inspire us to be better! Matilda Wormwood – Matilda Roald Dahl’s creation Matilda …

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5 movies that are guaranteed to make you cry

As much as we love movies that make us laugh, there’s a simple pleasure in a movie that moves you to tears. Sometimes you just need a good cry! We’ve compiled a list of movies that will have you sobbing like a baby. The Color Purple Adapted from Alice Walker’s …

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Mobile Phone

Magpie Recommends: The best phones of 2017

This year we have seen Apple pushing boundaries for their bigger and better iPhone, to commemorate a decade since the original was unleashed on the world. Of course, Samsung created a strong rival in the S8. But those of us outside of the iPhone/Samsung bubble have been able to enjoy …

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5 books you should have read

When we’re trying to make positive changes to our busy schedules, one of the first things we consider is reading more. The only difficulty is; where do you start? You could go back centuries and delve into the classics, or you could pick modern greats that have changed the game. …

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Magpie Recommends: Essential Taylor Swift Tracks

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you’ll have heard of country-turned-pop singer Taylor Swift. TayTay’s celebrity status has excelled beyond belief in recent years, and while her personal life is constantly in the media, she’s made some immense songs to express her feelings about …

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