Lars and the Real Girl

6 amazing alternative romantic comedies

Sex Tape is released this week and it’s fair to say it’s not your traditional romantic comedy. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz tear around desperately trying to destroy iPads which contain copies of a naughty film they made, which shows the couple carrying out every single position in ‘The Joy …

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September’s New Releases

After a quiet few months on the new releases front (even in the cinemas), September is packed to the brim with new CDs, movies and games. There’s so much going on that you might need a loan from the bank to experience it all (or, if you’re being sensible, you …

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7 movie sequels that need to happen

After 8 long years, the sequel to Frank Miller’s Sin City is released today. Hooray! The inspiring story of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has given us hope that some other sequels we’d like to see made will eventually be released too. Here’s our wishlist. BEWARE: There are …

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The Top 10 Traded DVDs

1. Game of Thrones – Season 1 2. Up 3. Prometheus 4. The Godfather Trilogy 5. The Expendables 2 6. Finding Nemo 7. Skyfall 8. Django Unchained 9. True Blood – Season 1 10. Avengers Assemble But why are people selling these DVDs? Here are a couple of theories… Game …

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5 Cult Superhero Movies Worth Checking Out

Superhero movies are everywhere at the moment: Guardians of the Galaxy is dominating the box office, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out on DVD, and Batman vs. Superman and The Avengers: Age of Ultron are filling the pages of movie magazines and blogs everywhere. That’s just the tip of …

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Mortal Kombat

The 5 ‘best’ worst videogame movies

Videogame movies are terrible. You might think that’s a sweeping generalisation but it’s actually been proven by science – well, Rotten Tomatoes, at least. The highest score for a video game movie on the site is 44%, and that was for the barely bearable Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Yet, …

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