The Lego Movie

6 Surprisingly Brilliant Movies

Admit it: who thought that a movie about Lego would be any good? We certainly didn’t. But then along came The Lego Movie and it was probably the most enjoyable 100 minutes we had at the cinema last year. If you haven’t seen it yet, pick it up on DVD …

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22 Jump Street

If you liked 22 Jump Street, you’ll probably love…

Who’d have thought that the sequel to a reboot of an ‘80s teen drama would end up being one of the best films of 2014? Not us, certainly. But our cheeks are still hurting from laughing at 22 Jump Street (which, considering it was nearly 2 weeks ago, we should …

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July’s New Releases

It’s officially summer, which means everyone’s gone outside, gone on holiday or gone to a festival. As such, there isn’t much in the way of new games or music releases this month – although there are plenty of summer blockbusters. Music   Trouble in Paradise – La Roux You remember …

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dawn of the planet of the apes

Which of this summer’s blockbusters will be worth watching?

We’re in the thick of the 2014 blockbuster season, with Godzilla, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Maleficent  already arriving on our cinema screens in a hail of stomps, explosions and Angelina Jolie’s razor-sharp cheekbones. But there’s still plenty to come. We decided to find out which are worth your money (based …

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