Gone Girl

This month’s new releases

Dark nights are upon us, but don’t be sad: it means we’ve got loads more time to spend watching films, listening to music and playing games. Hooray! Here are some of the best new movies, music and games heading your way in October. Movies Gone Girl (3rd October) Ben Affleck …

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Batman Superman

Batman vs. Superman: who will win our movie showdown?

Unless you’ve been having an extended lie-in for the past year or so, you’ll have no doubt heard that Batman – Gotham’s brooding hero with no powers but many gadgets – and Superman – Metropolis’ cheerful saviour who has just about every superpower under the sun – are going to …

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5 mind-blowing ways we’ll watch movies in the future

Movie fans have never had it better: we can stream movies when and where we want, watch them in technology-laden cinemas and enjoy them in eye-pleasing ultra HD thanks to the magic of Blu-Ray technology. And, just as Professor Brian Cox and D:Ream sang in 1994, things can only get …

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Wall E

5 inspirational decluttering tips from the movies

Anyone who reads this blog regularly (hi, Mum) will know that there is nothing we love more than entertainment and decluttering. The two don’t cross over very often – a movie about tidying up would be rubbish – but every now and again, we’ll watch a movie and think ‘hey! …

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Wish I Was Here

5 interesting Kickstarter movies that you can help right now

Zach Braff’s long-awaited comedy-drama Wish I Was Here is finally released in the UK this week. The film – about a struggling actor who decides to home school his kids in order to keep pursuing his dream – is notable for being partially funded by Kickstarter, a decision Braff made …

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Flashback Friday: Prometheus

Prometheus is one of our top traded DVDs at the moment. From the moment rumblings of an Alien prequel directed by Ridley Scott emerged way back in 2009, people were very excited for Prometheus. Finally, we’d get to find out how our favourite teeth-tongued black lizards of doom came to …

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Lars and the Real Girl

6 amazing alternative romantic comedies

Sex Tape is released this week and it’s fair to say it’s not your traditional romantic comedy. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz tear around desperately trying to destroy iPads which contain copies of a naughty film they made, which shows the couple carrying out every single position in ‘The Joy …

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