5 movies that are guaranteed to make you cry

As much as we love movies that make us laugh, there’s a simple pleasure in a movie that moves you to tears. Sometimes you just need a good cry! We’ve compiled a list of movies that will have you sobbing like a baby. The Color Purple Adapted from Alice Walker’s …

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What is the best film adaptation ever? Here are some contenders.

Another blog post, another list of recommendations, but then again, that’s why you’re here. This time, let’s talk adaptations. Taking an existing source material and adapting it to another form (be it book, cinema, radio, TV etc.). Obviously we are familiar with some adaptations such as the Harry Potter film …

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8 of the best directorial debuts

A lot rests on your first attempt at anything. When it comes to directing, it could make or break your career. The following films are some of the strongest debuts in history, and are must-watches for any fan of the big screen. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – Guy …

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The highest grossing horror movie franchises

Halloween has easily become one of the best-loved holidays. There’s nothing we love more than being scared by villains, aliens and ghouls on October 31! People rushed out in their millions to see the following movies, and the sequels that came with them.   Jaws £601.35m The impact of the …

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Halloween pumpkin carving

10 essential Halloween movies

Halloween is lurking ever closer, which means it’s time to open the horror vaults and recommend a few classic films to scare yourself silly with. Dim the lights, find yourself a nice spot behind the sofa (the only place you’re safe, obviously) and prepare to scream at… The Nightmare Before …

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Terminator 6 to start filming in March 2018

The latest instalment in the Terminator franchise is slated for a July 2019 release, with filming to begin in March next year. Director of the original Terminator film, James Cameron has signed on to produce Terminator 6, which will be a direct sequel for Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Deadpool’s Tim …

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