musicMagpie’s Music News Round-Up

Been too busy to keep up with the latest goings-on in music land? Don’t worry: we’ve rounded up all the latest music stories and condensed them into one simple blog post for you (you can thank us later). Get well soon, Morrissey Manchester music legend Morrissey has revealed that he …

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Morrissey and Marr

6 legendary musical duos we’d love to see get back together

Johnny Marr’s new solo album, Playland, comes out today and it’s pretty good; you’ll get Easy Money stuck in your head for hours. But, as much as we like Marr’s solo material, we can’t help but dream of him teaming up with his old mucker Morrissey again (even though Johnny …

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Gone Girl

This month’s new releases

Dark nights are upon us, but don’t be sad: it means we’ve got loads more time to spend watching films, listening to music and playing games. Hooray! Here are some of the best new movies, music and games heading your way in October. Movies Gone Girl (3rd October) Ben Affleck …

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Why we still love albums

Have you heard the bad news? The album is dead. Yep, industry experts are predicting that the album is going to go the way of the Dodo, the Minidisc and the iPod Classic because people aren’t buying as many albums as they used to. Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence topped the …

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Jack White ICP

6 incredibly weird musical collaborations

Everyone loves a good musical collaboration: fans get to hear some of their favourite artists together, the artists get to try something new and record companies make loads and loads of money. Occasionally, though, two artists who share nothing in common apart from the ability to form words with their …

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Greatest Hits

The Greatest Greatest Hits Albums Ever!

Greatest hits albums are generally frowned upon by music lovers, mainly because they’re collections of a band’s ‘catchiest’ songs designed to make loads of money from people who only like a couple of songs by the band. Often, the artists aren’t even involved in selecting the tracks. There are, however, …

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Top Traded Featured

The Top 10 Traded CDs

1) Gold – ABBA 2) Up All Night – One Direction 3) + – Ed Sheeran 4) Unapologetic – Rihanna 5) Now That’s What I Call Music! 84 6) The Marshall Mathers LP – Eminem 7) (What’s The Story) Morning Glory – Oasis 8) Greatest Hits – Red Hot Chili …

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