French Electro

Vinyl Respin: Get 10% Off Human After All and Moon Safari!

Every week, we respin two classic records and give you the chance to save 10% off both of them with the code RESPIN10. This week, we’re crossing the Channel to revisit two of our favourite French electronica albums… France has given the world many wonderful things: croissants, arty movies, Thierry …

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Album Covers

The best vinyl artwork of the past 5 years

Vinyl is well and truly back. Over 3 million records were sold in 2016, a 25 year high. There are plenty of reasons for vinyl’s big comeback: the sound quality, the collectible nature of records, the limited edition releases. And then there’s the artwork. Buying vinyl allows music lovers to …

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All Time Featured Image

What do the top songs and albums of all time taste like?

Ever heard of Synaesthesia? This neurological condition causes two senses to be involuntarily connected. When you hear something, you may be able to see patterns, colours and textures. Or you may be able to taste a particular food or flavour. We wanted to find out what the UK’s top songs …

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UK Top 2016 Featured Image

What do 2016’s biggest songs taste like?

Ever heard of synaesthesia? It’s the involuntary connection of two senses; artists like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West have it. For Pharrell and Kanye, they see sounds. So, the jingle of piano keys can conjure up the colours, patterns and textures. For other people, they are able to taste sounds. …

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The Doors & Forever Changes

Vinyl Respin: Get 10% off The Doors and Forever Changes!

Each week, we respin a pair of classic records and offer you an amazing 10% off both of them. This week, we’re going back to the Summer of Love with two classic records celebrating their 50th birthday this year: The Doors’ self-titled debut and Love’s Forever Changes. In 1967, the …

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Vinyl Respin: American Idiot and Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Every week, we respin some of our favourite records, share a little bit about them and knock 10% off the price of them when you use the code RESPIN10 on the musicMagpie Store! With America dominating the headlines at the moment, this week’s Respin focuses on two iconic American rock …

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The Hunna

Live Review: The Hunna @ The Ritz, Manchester

I first came across The Hunna in May last year, when the band played to a modest crowd in the Manchester Cathedral as part of the city’s annual Dot to Dot Festival. But boy, have they grown since then. In little over a year, the Hertfordshire lads have rocked the …

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WIN Kreator Gig Tickets & Goodies

German thrash metal legends Kreator start off their blazing European tour in the Netherlands next month. Supported by a varied yet similarly iconic bill, Sepultura, Soilwork and Aborted will accompany Kreator across 22 dates as they promote their new album Gods of Violence (in stores Jan 27th). Kreator will visit the UK and Ireland …

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