How Sharknado changed cinema forever

Every now and then, a film will come along that changes cinema as we know it. Goodfellas. The Blair Witch Project. That One With The Blue Aliens That Was Really Pretty in 3D. And now, there’s another film we can add to that list: Sharknado. Yes, Sharknado. The one with …

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New Releases - 22nd

This week’s new CD releases: De La Soul and more!

There’s a bumper crop of new albums hitting the musicMagpie Store this Friday, so let’s get straight to it! And the Anonymous Nobody… – De La Soul Bona-fide hip hop legends De La Soul funded their 9th album on Kickstar, raising over $110,000 in just under 10 hours. Early singles …

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Is Suburra one of the best crime thrillers ever?

Crime pays – in the movies at least. Filmgoers have long been obsessed with the lives and crimes of career criminals, from honourable family man Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather to the coke-fueled paranoia of wise guy Henry Hill in Goodfellas, and what drives them to commit their evil …

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