Nokia 3310

Nokia unveil the ‘new’ 3310

Retro phone fans, rejoice: Nokia have unveiled an updated version of the much loved 3310 at Mobile World Congress. The new 3310 offers the full early-00s mobile experience: it has an old school keypad, a slightly updated version of the 3310’s original software and a tweaked version of the 3310’s …

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iPhone 6

The Sun finds musicMagpie pays more for iPhones!

According to research by top national newspaper The Sun, musicMagpie pays more than our competitors for 12 out of 15 iPhones! Source: The Sun They found that we pay the most for all models of the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 Plus, while offering one of …

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Star Wars Lightsaber

Stop everything! A new Star Wars trailer has been released!

Stop whatever you’re doing, grab your best Jedi robe and sit down: a brand new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released! The third and final trailer for the film doesn’t reveal too much more about the plot, but it does give us a lot of cool …

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Adele reveals new music in a 30 second advert

It’s hard to believe that Adele’s last album came out over 4 years ago, especially since you can still barely go a week without hearing Someone Like You or Rolling in the Deep on a TV show, on the radio or in a restaurant (honestly, what is it with restaurants …

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