Friday Playlist: Germany vs. Argentina

Germany and Argentina lock horns in the final of a certain major footballing tournament this weekend, and your guess is as good as ours as to who will come out on top (it’ll be Germany – but feel free to mock us if we’re wrong!). But forget about football: who …

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Disney Are Planning The Weirdest Remake Ever

There have been countless remakes and reboots recently, with even more in the pipeline. But none of them are quite as weird as Disney’s latest plan: remake Dumbo. The animated classic, which was released in 1941, is being reimagined as a live action movie according to a report by Empire …

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Apple Logo

The New iPhone 6 Screen is Officially Indestructible

The days of cracked screens are over! The iPhone 6’s new screen can survive being attacked with a knife, a set of keys and a human foot without taking any damage, according to a new video. The sapphire crystal screen, which will apparently act as the iPhone 6’s main display, …

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Metal Gear Solid

Top 10 Upcoming Games

Summer is a bad time to be a gamer, with a distinct lack of big new releases. Fortunately, there is light at the end of the long, long (but quite pleasant and sunny) tunnel as the rest of 2014 is filled with amazing games across all platforms. We’ve picked out …

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Google Glass

Google Glass launches in the UK – and costs £1000

Google Glass is now available in the UK – and it costs £1000. The Explorer edition of Google Glass was released yesterday. It’s aimed at developers, which is why it costs so much, although anyone can buy one. Glass is essentially a wearable computer, taking the form of a pair …

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What’s the Plot? – Competition Terms and Conditions

The following rules apply to your participation in our 2016/2017 ‘What’s The Plot?’ competition (“Competition”). By submitting your entry and by entering the Competition you agree to these rules. To enter: No purchase necessary. Internet access, a Facebook account and valid email address required to participate. To enter via Facebook: …

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