iPhone 6

Why should you buy an iPhone 6?

Now the dust has settled on the iPhone 6 launch, and with the device available to pre-order from tomorrow, people across the world are asking: ‘do I actually need an iPhone 6?’ It’s a fair question. The cheapest iPhone 6 – the 16GB 4.7” model – will set you back …

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Apple Watch

The Surprisingly Easy Guide to the Apple Watch

After months of speculation, Apple has launched their first wearable gadget, the Apple Watch. Billed as a ‘smartwatch’, the Apple Watch (not iWatch, as some people thought it would be called) allows you to check emails, message people and do all kinds of other important stuff from the comfort of …

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Samsung Alpha

Meet The New Samsung Galaxy…

The iPhone 6 hype train is careering down the track at full speed, with new rumours emerging every day. However, we haven’t heard much from Apple’s rivals…until now. Today (13th August), Samsung have announced that the latest Galaxy model, the Galaxy Alpha, will be released in the UK at the …

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Inbetweeners 2

August’s New Releases

Good news: after last month’s relatively barren release schedule, things have picked up again! Check out these movies, albums and games this August… Movies Step Up: All In (1st August) You know the score by now: a bunch of fancy-dancing take on other fancy-dancing kids in a fancy-dancing competition, which …

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