Should you buy an iPad?

Just over seven years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad. Rocking his trademark black polo neck and blue dad jeans, the Apple mastermind kicked back in a seat and proudly showed off his team’s new invention, a device that was bigger and better than the iPhone and …

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Someone taking a photo with an iPhone 6

The craziest iPhone 8 rumours so far

The new iPhone is quite a way off but the rumours are already flying. Some of them are pretty plausible; a faster chip, better battery life, new colours. Others are so far out of the box that they don’t even know the box exists. Here are some of the craziest …

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5 surprising early versions of your favourite tech

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were your tech products. The chances are it went through loads of iterations before emerging as the sleek device you love today, and some of these iteratations are…well, pretty shocking, to be honest. Here are some surprising early versions of beloved gadgets. …

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