5 US TV shows to binge-watch next

We’ve all felt it: that empty hollow feeling after you’ve finished a TV series, that huge hole in your schedule where tales of bikers, meth cooks and advertising execs used to reside. Luckily, great TV shows are as common as air these days. There is always something new to watch. …

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Walking Dead

10 things you didn’t know about The Walking Dead

With The Walking Dead returning to our screens next week, we decided to scour the internet wasteland for tasty facts about our favourite gang of survival experts and the brain munchers who follow them. Share your own trivia in the comments! Daryl wasn’t supposed to be in the show Despite …

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fear the walking dead

The best new and upcoming TV shows

Missing Jax and the gang from Sons of Anarchy? Got a Game of Thrones shaped hole in your schedule? Good news: there’s a ton of great new shows heading to our screens soon (in fact, some of them are airing already)! Here are the shows you’ll be addicted to next. …

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True Detective

4 comedy actors who need a moody True Detective reinvention next

True Detective returned to our screens last weekend with a brand new cast – including a few faces you wouldn’t expect to see in a gritty crime drama. After helping reinvent Matthew McConaughey as a serious artist after years of subpar rom-coms, fellow romcom mainstays Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn …

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