Freaks and Geeks

8 amazing series you can watch in a weekend

There’s nothing worse than starting a new series over a weekend and then having to wait a whole week to marathon it again. So, we’ve put together a short list of TV series you could theoretically watch in a weekend, if you don’t mind missing out on showers, sleep, food …

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Dr Nick

5 TV Characters Who Deserve a Spin-Off Next

Well, after 4 episodes, it’s official: Better Call Saul is a roaring success. Seriously, it’s brilliant. Go and check it out if you haven’t! Saul’s success got us thinking: which TV characters would we like to see get their own show next? And what would their spin-offs be like? Here’s …

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7 films that are being adapted into TV shows

Remakes and reboots have long been the norm in the world of movies, but not so much on TV (with a few honourable exceptions, like Battlestar Galactica). That’s about to change, however. Over the next few years, the small screen is going to be hit with a barrage of reboots …

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Elf Musical Christmas

Don’t be bored this Christmas: watch these exciting new TV shows!

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like lolling about, munching Quality Street and watching TV. There’s been a quite a lot of controversy about this year’s Christmas TV offering, however. According to the Daily Mirror, 63% of the shows on the main 4 channels will be repeats. The horror! What else are …

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