Estadio Azteca

Every app you need to enjoy the football in one simple post

Watching football used to be as simple as sticking on the TV and screaming obscenities at players from the comfort of your armchair. Nowadays, though, every kick, row and heart-breaking injury is played out in real time on social media and news sites. How can you keep up with it …

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True Detective

If you liked True Detective, you’ll love…

Ever since True Detective left our screens, we’ve been longing for a quality TV drama with enough weirdness to keep things interesting. Well, we’re sorry to say there hasn’t been one yet (although the TD DVD is out now). But we have unearthed some classics that any fan of True …

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22 Jump Street

5 Surprisingly Brilliant Remakes

Movie remakes are usually rubbish, aren’t they? What’s the point of remaking classics like Robocop, Total Recall or The Italian Job when the originals are already brilliant? One movie that did manage to buck the trend, however, was 21 Jump Street, which stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. It’s a …

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World's Worst Football Shirts

The World’s Worst Football Shirts XI

Football has given us some truly terrible football shirts over the years, the kind of garments that would have any dedicated fashionista crying into the latest issue of Vogue. None, though, are quite as bad as the shirts in our World’s Worst Football Shirts XI. We’ve scoured the archives for …

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The Biggest Selling Albums (That Were Never #1)

It’s natural to assume that if an album is one of the biggest selling in the world, it was probably #1 in the UK Charts at some point. But, as this post will reveal, that isn’t always the case – in fact, some pretty big albums have missed out on …

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Three Lions

The Greatest England Songs Ever

For some reason, every time a major tournament rolls around, an ‘official England song’ is released. The idea is to get England fans excited and behind the team but often, the songs are either rubbish or unintentionally hilarious. This year’s crop of songs are slightly disappointing (you can listen to …

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England Shirt

This Year’s England Songs…Reviewed!

The world’s greatest football tournament is just around the corner and England’s prospects are…well, not great. But hey, that won’t stop us getting excited! One thing we love about a tournament year here at musicMagpie is the official England song, in which a random artist is picked to produce a …

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The musicMagpie guide to…the Best of Grunge!

There’s nothing we love more at musicMagpie than getting home from the office, chucking on an old plaid shirt and rocking out to a bit of grunge. We were surprised to learn that one of our favourite grunge albums, Superunknown by Soundgarden, is 20 years old this week. To say happy …

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