playstation 3

Have you conquered gaming’s hardest achievements?

It used be that the biggest achievement in a video game was completing it. Since the introduction of achievements and trophies, however, a game is never truly finished  until you’ve managed to strike off all its achievements. And while this is easy enough with some games, others require a near …

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Playlist: musicMagpie’s official sounds of the summer

It’s summer, which means more or less everyone has packed away their moody music for the year (or sold it to us) and replaced it with lovely happy summer music. So, we thought we’d have a bash at predicting the big summer hits of 2014. We can almost guarantee that …

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Watch Dogs

You’ve finished Watch Dogs – what do you play next?

Another big game release has come and gone. Watch Dogs, one of the most anticipated games of recent times, entered with a bang and has left with a whimper (according to some gamers). Whatever your opinion, you’ve probably completed Watch Dogs by now so the big question is ‘what next?’ …

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Google Glass

Google Glass launches in the UK – and costs £1000

Google Glass is now available in the UK – and it costs £1000. The Explorer edition of Google Glass was released yesterday. It’s aimed at developers, which is why it costs so much, although anyone can buy one. Glass is essentially a wearable computer, taking the form of a pair …

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