Slide Fail

5 of the Funniest Summer Fails

Summer: it’s the season of ice cream, happiness and endless sunshine (kind of…). It’s also the season of massive, massive fails. Maybe it’s the heat, or maybe people just feel a bit more adventurous, but something about summer makes people commit all kinds of hilarious mistakes. And, fortunately, most of …

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5 Amazing Ways Decluttering Makes You Happier

Britain has a serious clutter problem: 93% of people say they have unwanted stuff in their home, with over half saying that their clutter made them unhappy, stressed and unproductive. Clutter doesn’t just look bad, but it makes us feel bad too. It can cause all kinds of physical and …

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Streets of Rage 2

9 video games that need to be remade immediately

We’ve been trained to dislike remakes by nature, cautious of the kind of lazy, misguided rubbish Hollywood occasionally puts out. But video games are a different beast entirely. Take The Last of Us Remastered, which comes out later this week; it’s received amazing reviews, even though the original game is …

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Wind Waker HD

9 essential video game remakes

The Last of Us Remastered, a PS4 remake of the PS3 classic that came out just over a year ago, is released this week. Surely this is just a cynical cash-grab by Sony and Naughty Dog? Probably not, actually. Videogames, which are constantly being improved by bigger and better technology, …

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