Buying a Record Player: A Beginner’s Guide

UK record sales hit a 25 year high in 2016, with over three million records sold. Vinyl has officially gone mainstream. There are plenty of reasons for vinyl’s revival, including the elaborate packaging, the thrill of building a record collection and that elusive, unique vinyl sound. However, there is one obstacle …

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Two months on: is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

The Nintendo Switch hit shelves two months ago and reaction to the console has generally been positive. But is it worth splashing your hard-earned cash on one? Here’s our verdict… The Concept Nintendo love a gimmick, although their experiments don’t always pay off. The DS and the Wii were huge successes …

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popcorn and cinema ticket

5 reasons watching movies is actually good for you

Remember when your parents told you you’d go square-eyed if you watched too much TV? Well, they’re wrong (kinda). Watching a movie is actually pretty good for you. Here’s why! Laughter is the best medicine… and so is crying The American author Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, “Laughter and tears are both …

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Love cult and classic cinema? Check out these 5 movies from Arrow

We’ve touched on numerous British film distributors over the past few months, including the BFI, StudioCanal’s UK branch and Eureka’s Masters of Cinema collection. Well, now it’s time to talk about another UK distributor of films old and new, native and foreign, niche and mainstream. Of course we are talking …

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How quickly does your phone depreciate in value?

As tech gets ever more complex and new models launch more frequently, your smartphone loses value pretty quickly. But did you know your phone could be shedding value even faster than your car? It’s true. New cars might be notorious for their depreciation, but our research has uncovered that your …

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The Best New Smartphones Coming Out in 2017

Shh, can you hear that? It’s the sound of all your favourite phone manufacturers gearing up to release new devices in 2017. Those pesky phone manufacturers are pretty secretive though, which means we have to rely on the internet tech rumour mill to find out what they’re working on. Fortunately, …

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Is the new iPad worth it?

Apple product launches are typically grand affairs, so it was surprising when Apple announced the new iPad in a short press release a few weeks ago. It was so subtle that you’d be forgiven for missing it entirely, although that may be the point; it turns out the new iPad …

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