7 Apple products that failed

There aren’t many people we know nowadays who don’t have an Apple product of some description – mainly the flagship device iPhone, considering it has sold over 1 billion phones. Apple made their name with their iPhone and are due to release the latest edition, rumoured to be called the …

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The latest iPhone news: the launch event, name and price

Apple will unveil the new iPhone(s) in just over a week. Thanks to the ever-active rumour mill, we know more or less what they’ll look like and what they’ll be able to do. That hasn’t stopped even more news about the most exciting iPhone launch in years emerging over the …

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5 of the best-selling debut novels

An author’s first novel can help to make them a success or could have them pinned as a failure. So much rests on your first attempt at anything and a novel is no different. A few authors have made their mark with their debut and have gone on to sell …

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What is the most popular Disney movie?

No matter how old you are, everyone loves a Disney movie. We have our favourites – be it one of the newer classics or one we hold dear from childhood. People the world over flock in their millions to view the latest Disney offerings, but which movies are the most …

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10 of the best cult books

Books have the power to make us laugh, break our hearts and open our minds – often at the same time. The books in this post achieve all of those things, but they have something else too; something special that elevates them above your average novel and inspires millions of …

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5 of the best second albums ever

Releasing a follow up album is difficult in any genre, particularly if your debut album was well received. The ‘second album syndrome’ is known the world over: artists struggle with the pressure to emulate their first offering and succumb to creating something subpar. This isn’t always the case though, and …

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The biggest indie debut albums

Having a number one album nowadays is reserved for the ever-marketable boybands like One Direction or sure-fire hitmakers like Adele. But, tucked away in the record stores are the little indie gems that have made waves over the last few years. We take a look at some of the big …

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