Two months on: is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

The Nintendo Switch hit shelves two months ago and reaction to the console has generally been positive. But is it worth splashing your hard-earned cash on one? Here’s our verdict… The Concept Nintendo love a gimmick, although their experiments don’t always pay off. The DS and the Wii were huge successes …

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xbox 360

Bye, bye Xbox 360: 10 things it gave the world

Farewell, Xbox 360. Microsoft has announced that they are ceasing production of the console for good, effectively sounding the death knell for one of the most popular consoles of all time. In its 10 (and a half) years of existence, the Xbox 360 changed the world. Here are 10 things …

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Apple Pippin

The Worst Games Consoles of All Time

Next time you look at your PS4 or Xbox One, remind yourself: we’ve never had it so good. Over the years, there has been some truly horrible games consoles; the kind of machines that could send a child into an apocalyptic tantrum on Christmas morning because Mum and Dad accidently …

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