5 of the best Royal love stories

With the Royal Wedding just a day away, regal love is in the air! Although we didn’t get an invite to Price Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day, we’ve found the perfect films to get you in the mood for the nuptials! Shrek An unconventional choice we know, but Shrek’s …

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5 of the best apps for budgeting

Getting a handle on your finances is difficult. Putting some aside for a rainy day or gathering your pennies for something major like a new house takes its toll. Some months are harder than others to find leftover cash at the end of the month! But, you can take the …

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5 novels to get you in the mood for summer

Even if the weather doesn’t show it, summer is right around the corner! Whether you’re knee-deep in revision at the moment or just longing for some much-needed sunshine, get a taste of the summer months in these novels. Summer – Edith Wharton Edith Wharton’s 1917 novel raised a lot of …

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6 ways to get textbooks for less

Textbooks are a essential university purchase but they can be extremely expensive. Luckily, our friends from Save the Student are here to help you save with six amazing tips! 1. Don’t buy everything on the reading list Buying books can make a serious dent in your Student Loan – but it’s not as painful …

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Bedtime Stories

Are fairytales outdated and offensive? We asked 2,000 parents…

Parents have read their children fairytales before bedtime for hundreds of years. The chances are you’ve heard more than your share over the years, and you might even read a few of them to your kids too. They endure because they’re wholesome, fun and teach kids important life lessons like …

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10 films to look forward to at Cannes Film Festival 2018

Bonjour mesdames et messieurs, c’est encore cette période de l’année. In the next few weeks, we will be seeing the seventy first edition of the Cannes Film Festival beginning. There’s been a wide list of selections, so we at MusicMagpie will be counting down a list of potential features to …

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