The joy of physical movies, albums and games

Although streaming has become more and more common due to its convenience, there’s no denying the true joy in a physical release. For music, film or game fans, it’s a special way to commemorate something you love dearly! We’ve considered some of the best things about physical media and compiled …

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5 crime books to start your collection

Many of us have a bit of a morbid fascination when it comes to major crimes. It’s why crime-focussed films and especially books have become so popular! We’ve looked at some of the essential books on crimes that have changed the world and investigations that left us scratching our heads. …

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Essential listening: the ladies of Coachella

World renowned music festival Coachella starts tomorrow! This year sees the most female-focussed line up yet, with 33% of the artists performing being women. If you aren’t making it to Coachella Valley, don’t worry! We’ve got a list of some of the hottest female artists gracing the stage this weekend …

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The hidden costs of streaming

Whilst streaming has undoubtedly made our lives easier by allowing us to consume a huge amount of entertainment at our fingertips, we’re paying for this privilege. Depending on preferences, the amount of money spent on streaming services is on the up – and that’s for services alone. If you’re a …

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Literature and popular culture

Works of literature, even those that are hundreds of years old, still have an impact on the entertainment we enjoy today. Books, poems, plays – you name it, they’ve been altered for the modern day! These timeless works will stick around long after their creator has gone. We’ve looked at …

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The best female music releases of the last 12 months

Let’s hear it for the girls! As both Kylie Minogue and Cardi B drop their latest albums today, we’ve looked back at the best musical offerings from female artists over the last 12 months. Lorde – Melodrama Lorde may have taken four years to bring out her second album, but not …

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The best special features

When you invest in a Blu-Ray or DVD copy of your favourite films, more often than not, you’re treated to a heap of special features which let you dig deeper into the making of it. They vary from director commentaries, deleted scenes, bloopers and making-of documentaries. We’ve found the best …

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