Lego Batman

The greatest LEGO games ever – have you played them all?

Lego used to be a simple toy that kids created miracles out of; spaceships made of little plastic bricks, characters with molded plastic for hair, and so on. These days, though, it is a full-on media phenomenon, with books, TV shows and a very successful Hollywood movie. And then, of …

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5 of the best games for a quick-fire session

August is Games Month on the musicMagpie blog. Throughout the month, we’ll be bringing you loads of gaming-related fun – starting with 5 of our favourite games for a quick-fire session. Most of us are too busy to sit around in our pants playing games all day, which is a …

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Inbetweeners 2

August’s New Releases

Good news: after last month’s relatively barren release schedule, things have picked up again! Check out these movies, albums and games this August… Movies Step Up: All In (1st August) You know the score by now: a bunch of fancy-dancing take on other fancy-dancing kids in a fancy-dancing competition, which …

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Streets of Rage 2

9 video games that need to be remade immediately

We’ve been trained to dislike remakes by nature, cautious of the kind of lazy, misguided rubbish Hollywood occasionally puts out. But video games are a different beast entirely. Take The Last of Us Remastered, which comes out later this week; it’s received amazing reviews, even though the original game is …

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Wind Waker HD

9 essential video game remakes

The Last of Us Remastered, a PS4 remake of the PS3 classic that came out just over a year ago, is released this week. Surely this is just a cynical cash-grab by Sony and Naughty Dog? Probably not, actually. Videogames, which are constantly being improved by bigger and better technology, …

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