Google Glass

After Google Glass, what next for smartglasses?

Oh, Google Glass; we barely knew ye. Just over half a year after it was launched in the UK, Google has decided to shelve the first edition of their infamous head-mounted smart glasses. While the official line is that Google is preparing for a new model in 2015 (and a …

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Galaxy Note 4

Fancy a phablet? Here are 5 of the best

The word ‘phablet’ is enough to send some people into a rage but there’s no doubt these smartphone/tablet hybrids – too small to be a tablet, too big to be a phone – are here to stay. More and more people are swapping their devices for phablets, especially since the …

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Apple Watch

Do you need a smartwatch?

2015 is apparently going to be the year of the smartwatch. Just like 2014 was, and 2013 before it. For some reason, smartwatches just haven’t caught the public’s imagination in the same way smartphones and tablets did. A recent study into smartwatch ownership in the UK, US China and Brazil …

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The Best of CES 2015

So, the annual CES show is over for another year. And while we didn’t get some of the high-tech gadgets we were hoping for (it’s only a matter of time until jetpacks are commercially available, surely), we did get a glimpse into the exciting future of tech and electronics. Mercedes-Benz …

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January’s new releases

January is always a bumper month for new releases, with the year’s Oscar contenders (a few of which have been out Stateside for a while) finally hitting our shores and a lot of musicians making an early play for domination of the airwaves. Movies 1st January Birdman This tale of …

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