All the latest iPhone 6 rumours in one handy post!

The iPhone 6 is going to be launching very, very soon. Maybe. Probably. Hopefully. Anyway, everyone’s getting very excited and speculating about all kinds of wonderful features. Trying to keep up with it all is basically a full time job, and likely to give you some form of headache. But …

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Samsung Alpha

Meet The New Samsung Galaxy…

The iPhone 6 hype train is careering down the track at full speed, with new rumours emerging every day. However, we haven’t heard much from Apple’s rivals…until now. Today (13th August), Samsung have announced that the latest Galaxy model, the Galaxy Alpha, will be released in the UK at the …

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Sony Xperia

The top 5 holiday tablets

The days of taking a paperback to the beach are long gone; nowadays, it’s all about taking a fancy tablet to read, watch and listen while you laze in the sun (check out our favourite holiday movies here). But not all tablets are suitable for a jaunt to the beach. …

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iPhone 4s

The Top Traded Electronics

1) Apple iPhone 4S 2) Samsung Galaxy S3 3) BlackBerry 9900 4) Apple iPad 2 5) PlayStation 2 6) PSP 2000 7) HTC Wildfire S 8) Nintendo Wii 9) Xbox 360 Arcade 10) Apple iPod Touch 8GB Why are people selling these items? Read our theories below… Apple iPhone 4s …

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Wii U

5 underrated games consoles (you can buy right now)

For most people, gaming begins and ends with PlayStation and Xbox. Sony and Microsoft have made such a reputation for themselves that most people aren’t willing to venture beyond the safety of the console brand names they know and love. Beyond ‘the big two’, however, there are actually quite a …

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Is this the end of the iPad?

When Apple revealed the iPad in 2010, it was met with a wave of cynicism: what would people need a giant iPod Touch for? Had Apple finally jumped the shark and created something so innovative that it was actually a bit useless? We all know the answer to that: a …

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