4 Surprising Early Versions of World Famous Tech

The design geniuses at Apple, Google and countless other tech giants make it easy to come up with globally successful tech products that change our lives forever. But there’s nothing easy about it. Every gadget you use, from your computer to your smartphone, is the result of years of intense …

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Apple Logo

The New iPhone 6 Screen is Officially Indestructible

The days of cracked screens are over! The iPhone 6’s new screen can survive being attacked with a knife, a set of keys and a human foot without taking any damage, according to a new video. The sapphire crystal screen, which will apparently act as the iPhone 6’s main display, …

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The Surprisingly Easy App Of The Week: Romantimatic

Every Wednesday, we bring you an app that’ll make your life that little bit easier. This week, it’s the turn of Romantimatic – an iOS app that’ll earn you serious brownie points with your significant other. What is it? Romantimatic has been designed for people who want to be romantic …

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5 Awesome Tech Kickstarter Projects (That Need Your Help)

Kickstarter has given the world all kinds of great stuff since its launch in 2009, including the Oculus Rift VR headset and the Ouya games console. But what world-changing gadget will it give us next? We trawled the site and found 5 potential candidates… J.A.E.S.A J.A.E.S.A is described as a …

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Galaxy S5

The best new smartphones (for the rest of 2014)

Thinking about upgrading to a new smartphone? Well, you’ve picked a great time as there are loads of great new handsets coming out over the next 6 months. Here’s our pick of the bunch. iPhone 6 We don’t need to tell you why you should be excited about this, do …

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