Google Glass

Google Glass launches in the UK – and costs £1000

Google Glass is now available in the UK – and it costs £1000. The Explorer edition of Google Glass was released yesterday. It’s aimed at developers, which is why it costs so much, although anyone can buy one. Glass is essentially a wearable computer, taking the form of a pair …

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What does your tablet say about you?

Why did you buy your tablet?  It’s nice user interface? It’s good choice of apps? That pretty case that came with it? Wrong, wrong and wrong. According to various new outlets, your choice of tablet comes down to what kind of person you are. Basically, the tablet you use reveals …

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5 Famously Terrible Albums That Are Actually Brilliant

Musicians have produced a lot of rubbish over the years. Although no scientist has ever wasted their time on such a study, we reckon that for every great album made, there are at least 20 terrible albums produced. For most part, a terrible album can be spotted a mile off: …

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Hidden App Game Gems: Android

Here’s a fun task for you: go to the Google Play store and try and find a decent game to download. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. Finding decent games on Google Play is like trying to find a diamond in a Mount Everest-sized pile of horse dung – …

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5 of the Best Budget Smartphones

While Samsung and Apple are busy designing super phones brimming with new (and sometimes pointless) features, a new market for budget smartphones has emerged. These phones are less powerful and offer less features but can cost as little as £60, meaning you can buy one outright and not be tied …

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