Crying is okay here

musicMagpie’s inevitable England disappointment playlist

England kick-off against Italy tomorrow and expectations are…well, pretty low, actually. Nevertheless, we’re eternal optimists at musicMagpie. We have every faith that Roy’s boys will send Italy home with their well-groomed tails between their legs. But we also believe in being prepared. So, in the interests of being prepared for …

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Apple Logo

iPhone 6 pics REVEALED!

Are you ready to see the brand new iPhone? You sure? Okay, here it is… Yep, that’s the iPhone 6 (on the left) in all of its glory…apparently. The pictures were posted by Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin on the Chinese social network Weibo. That might sounds like a dubious source, …

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Breaking Bad

6 alternatives to watching football

The next month is going to be hell for non-football fans. With wall-to-wall football coverage until July, there is going to be no escape from the ‘beautiful’ game. Or is there? Here are some things you can do while the rest of the country wastes their time with football… Declutter …

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Xbox Controller

The Best of E3 (so far)

The great and good of the gaming industry gathered in LA this week at the E3 Expo, the world’s biggest videogame exhibition. Last year’s E3 was full of exciting announcements about the PS4 and Xbox One, so this year was always going to struggle to match it. Nevertheless, Sony, Microsoft, …

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The Surprisingly Easy App of the Week: Uber

We like to make your life surprisingly easy at musicMagpie, which is why we’re going to be sharing an app that makes life easier every week. This week, it’s the turn of Uber… What is Uber? Uber isn’t strictly an app. It’s actually a taxi service. You use Uber to …

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The World’s Greatest Football Games

Football fever has gripped Magpie Towers. England shirts are everywhere. Lairy chants break out at random. We’ve all had hair transplants in honour of Wayne Rooney. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to play much actual football because the weather has been…well, British. Thank goodness for the humble football game then, …

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Project Morpheus

What can we expect to see at E3?

E3 kicks off in LA today and it promises to be very exciting indeed. Last year, E3 brought us details on the Xbox One and PS4. With the two consoles now sitting in the living rooms of gamers everywhere, what can we expect from this year’s event? A Call of …

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